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Our School's Equality Objectives




Success Criteria

To ensure our facilities and teaching support the need of the new two years olds in our setting.

  • Appointment of experienced Early Years staff.
  • Collaborative work with other nursery settings to gain and implement new ideas.
  • Classroom environment to remain an exciting and inviting environment that is accessible to 2 year olds.
  • 2 year olds are happy in setting.
  • 2 year olds are making good progress for their age range.
  • Increase of pupil numbers of this age in setting.

To ensure all members of our community are provided with the information they need in an accessible way

  • School website to be updated at least weekly to ensure current information is displayed.
  • School Facebook page to be updated regularly with information and updates from school.
  • Weekly newsletters to parents/grandparents.
  • Termly updates of pupil progress with parents.
  • Half termly updates with families and community
  • Parent surveys implemented, and any actions addressed.
  • School website updated weekly.
  • School Facebook page updated regularly (at least fortnightly)
  • Parent surveys will show positive responses regarding communication.

Equality Policy